Full Training

Investing your time and money in a business venture is a big commitment. Knowing that you and your team will be fully trained and supported throughout the lifetime of your partnership with CNA is, to us, a no brainer.

Over the last 20 years CNA have been helping new recruitment business, start-up companies, develop a career in the world of high end recruitment services. Our training and development programme is designed to give you the solid foundation on which to build an executive search or recruitment business via classroom training and office based practice. But we don’t stop there. For the lifetime of your recruitment partnership you will be offered one to one mentoring, a vast range of masterclasses where you can further hone your skills, involvement in industry and skill specific Practice Group webinars with consultants who share your interests, in addition to skills training courses and a Management Diploma provided through our parent company, the Pertemps Network Group.

CNA have learnt from experience that sitting in a classroom for two weeks solid is counterproductive to the entrepreneur or experienced recruiter, eager to get their business going forward! Initial induction training is therefore tailored to the speed of learning of each individual partner or business…


CNAs in-depth induction course delivers a high standard of functional recruitment training, aimed at emboldening the experienced recruiter, whilst providing foundational instruction for those with little or no recruitment exposure.

The induction programme is delivered as an inclusive four-day course, offering a skills-based approach to learning, which incorporates practical business planning and the practical application of our methodology.

Module 1 – Effective business planning – we want to encourage you to grow a business, not just a desk. This module examines what business planning you should consider when looking at growing a recruitment business

Module 2 – Planning for success – recruitment consultants need to be well prepared and well organised. To some this comes naturally but to those who find it difficult, we’ll show you a few tricks to get your desk established

Module 3 – Sourcing candidates – gaining personal referrals, internet searches, utilising your professional networks and online advertising, it’s all here and we will show you how to make the best of it all

Module 4 – Interviewing candidates – whether you interview like Leno, Parky or Letterman, you need to develop your style and use quality questioning techniques to win over your clients and candidates-nothing says, ‘professional recruiter’ like the quality of your questions

Module 5 – Profiling the candidate – what does a good candidate look like? How do you ensure your candidate meets the clients brief? We’ll show you how to ensure the quality of your candidates

Module 6 – Presenting the candidate – client/market research, the creation of an effective CV, all play their part in ensuring your candidate gets an interview or you create a job order

Module 7 – Closing and objection handling – our founder used to call this being ‘silver-tongued’. We call it acquiring a fluent sales technique. Whatever you call it, becoming an efficient influencer is key to becoming a high performing search consultant

Module 8 – Practical applications – we understand that once an induction course has concluded, what was learnt can become a little vague. To counter this, we created the CNA Process Map, which details the CNA methodology taught on the course, step-by-step, in a practical easy-to-use guide, linking each stage of our process to our CRM system, our standardised emails and email attachments.


CNAs courses are delivered by an experienced executive recruiter (A senior franchise partner within CNA), an active head-hunter with 20+ years in the industry, who delivers and disseminates our unique search methodology, in an easy to grasp style.  CNA believes that training should be delivered by those who have current recruitment exposure, by a billing partner.

Everyone, from time to time becomes a little rusty or we allow bad habits creep in to our everyday routines, so CNA help mitigate some of these by running quarterly refresher courses and masterclasses.

Ongoing Support

No matter what your level of experience, we provide a full range of support functions once the induction course is over; team and individual mentoring (Face-to-face or via Skype), as well as providing coaching and specific 1-1 support, as required. Steve and Nick provide monthly 1-1’s with all partners and are always available as a sounding board and to accompany partners on client visits, assisting you in developing your business.


Pertemps Courses (Free to CNA Partners) 

  • Own the Process – 2-day course, based around the 12-Step programme we use at CNA, teaching you to manage the recruitment life-cycle
  • Temp recruitment masterclasses – 2-day course, follows the ‘Own the process’ course aimed at those consultants who operate within the temporary market
  • Resourcing Masterclasses – This 1-day course targets the searching skills required to be an effective Resourcer or 360 consultants
  • Maximising Fees – A 1-day course providing the knowledge and skills required for enhancing the size of fees you work with
  • Maximising Meetings – A meeting isn’t just a conversation and done correctly encourages high quality and well-structured mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Leading a winning team – For those who are building a business or who join us as an established business, this 2-day course examines your businesses needs and puts together a step-by-step program of plan to make it a reality