Most experienced recruiters, at some point, will consider what it must be like to run their own consultancy. But only a few, maybe you, have the courage to act on it.

Consider this; you billed £150,000+ last year. What did you get out of it? a third maybe? What if you where to get 80% of it? How would that change your life? So, what’s stopping you?

Since 1993 we have been providing our senior partners with an unbeatable recruitment stat-up support service, with initial and ongoing training and development.

Recruiters told us that they were worried about going ‘Self -Employed’ as they were unsure how -to-set-up a business, some said they were unsure how to grow and develop their existing business.

We can help. From arranging a meeting with an approved accountant, setting up your limited company and VAT registration, to styling your personal brand, along with providing all your back-office needs, CNA can and CAN do.

Who does more than this, without owning a single share of your company…?
  • We take care of your branding, website development and content
  • You agree on a brand dialogue with the award-winning Pertemps network group marketing team
  • OR you can join the CNA brand and our website
  • Business Planning with cash flow financing available
  • Full back-office support including; Invoicing, Credit Control, and factoring of both perm and contractors
  • Legal Support, ToB’s, Bid/Tender Support
  • IR35 and GDPR Compliance
  • The ability to purchase ads through Job boards at cost
  • Full IT support through Pertemps
  • 8×8 Virtual Office – Office telephone, providing free UK calls, messaging and conference calls
  • The Database – Zoho One ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  • CNA provides Office 365 software
  • Emails, security, and web-profiles
  • We even provide induction training, business planning, ongoing business mentoring and monthly coaching to you and your growing team – ensuring you’re a success and that you grow a business
  • Once your business is established and generating profit, we will even buy it from you should you wish to sell, giving you an exit strategy…
  • Free REC membership
To find out more about this opportunity contact Steve Ritson on: +44(0)1215169904 or email:



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