Someone said to me the other day, “Running my own recruitment business isn’t for me. It’s too complicated, too stressful, too demanding and there’s no real certainty that success will follow all my hard work.” And in many ways, at least on the surface, this person is right to think that way.

However, in other ways I believe this person is missing the point. You see, when you  take control of your life, when you make the decisions, call the shots and live with the outcomes, all of the above become somewhat irrelevant. Being your own boss is complicated to begin with because invariably you have to arrange everything yourself; your telephones, laptop, ATS software (Database), insurances, standardised emails, credit control, and then there’s client generation, candidate generation, the whole process of getting the two of them together and hopefully claiming a fee at the end of the process. Of course it’s stressful!

With the global shortage of talent ever increasing, the demands placed upon recruiters these days to source high quality candidates is immense. Counter Offers are now more prevalent than ever before, and yet we find the majority of recruiters are still not work on a retained basis, so naturally there is no guarantee of a reward at the end. We need to be paid for the work we do. Market Mapping (Scoping), Researching/Sourcing candidates, Approaching, Interviewing and drafting a short-list of the most suitable candidates should be paid for, shouldn’t it?

But, do you have the skills and the training and the support to work this way? Have you ever worked a project based assignment? It isn’t difficult, but you do have to learn the methodology, have standard Terms and Conditions already in place, proposal documents written and ready to go and a credit control facility which can effectively invoice the client on time and chase payments.

What if I could show you a place where all of this happens, where you can run your own recruitment business on a retained basis, where you get buckets of training and on-going support, IT support, Credit control, invoice factoring, a ATS (Database), Virtual office with desk phone and free UK calls, Office 365, your own branded Website… and we can help with business planning a assistance in securing some initial start-up cash-flow through our banking partner, Natwest Bank.

With the UK at 75.3% full employment, there’s never been a better time to be a financial independent recruiter.

If you want to find out more about how to make it happen visit our website of feel free to contact us directly on 01676 822 222.

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