Recruiters, are doing it for themseves!

So, you’re a managing consultant, business manager or senior recruitment consultant, you’ve been in the industry for between 3-5 years, you manage your own desk and a small team too perhaps. You, together with your RC’s, develop existing client relationships and originate new accounts. You hunt new candidates, lots of research to beat the competition to the best talent? Of course you do. You’re in the office first, usually by 8.30am and don’t leave until 6pm, or later maybe? In return, your employer pays you a basic salary, a pension (because they have to) and a generous bonus package based on team overrides and/or personal billings.

But what next? What has the boss got in store for you? Where can your career go? Area or Regional Manager, maybe? What do you want from your career? Are you happy to continue in this vein or do you want to take control and reach financial independence? What about working as hard as you do now, but achieving a greater sense of job satisfaction and personal gratification? How would you feel if you placed a candidate on a £10,000 fee and kept £8,750 of it? How many placements do you make a month-think about it, how much do you bill currently and how much of it do you keep?

Work from home or an office in your town or village, receive free world-class training and coaching; accompanied client visits, support with business development and national accounts, free marketing, job sites, MS Office 365, Zoho Database, annual conferences, free 24/7 IT support, and invoice factoring-so you get paid within weeks of submitting a new starter invoice.

What’s the catch? None. There really isn’t one. You just need the courage to pick up the phone and call me.

Do what you do now-but do it for you

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