Stressed out at work? You need to Franchise your life!


  • Do you feel a bit stressed out at work, where the smallest problem you’d usually deal with becomes an issue you cannot face?
  • Is your work-stress making you feel ill-are you taking time off work that you normally wouldn’t?
  • Do you get butterflies on a Sunday night and that feeling of dread that Monday morning is approaching?
  • Do you sometimes lack the motivation to get out of bed and arrive at work later than you’d usually do?
  • Are you as productive at work as you once were?
  • What about the people you work with? Do they now irritate you (More than usual that is) and are you as sociable as you once were?
  • Do you have a good relationship with your boss? Are they supportive, do they provide you with job-diversity and challenge you?
  • Have you been passed-over for promotion, has your employer hired outside the company instead of promoting you?
  • You have been asked to take-on additional responsibilities or your position has changed but you’ve not had a salary increase?
  • Maybe you don’t believe in the company’s values anymore? Perhaps this is making the working culture uncomfortable for you?
  • Do you fit in with the company culture?
  • Remember the excitement and passion you had for your job-if this has gone-perhaps it’s time to consider a move?
  • Finally realised that your boss is making all the money and you’re not
  • You’re billing £100-150,000 and getting to keep 20% of it!
  • You have outgrown the company you work for but don’t know how best to become self-employed

If any number of these resonates with you, you should be open minded to new career opportunities and be speaking with CNA Financial Services & Specialist Banking.

We are the Financial Services and Banking executive search franchise of CNA International, the specialist search company of the Pertemps Network Group.

How do CNA ensure your success?

  • Four day – Executive Search Induction training course
    • Module 1 – Business Planning and Forecasting
      • Build a business not just a desk
    • Module 2 – Planning for Success
    • Module 3 – Sourcing new candidates
    • Module 4 – Interviewing candidates
    • Module 5 – Profiling candidates
    • Module 6 – Presenting the candidate
    • Module 7 – Overcoming objections and closing
    • Module 8 – New Business Development
    • Module 9 – Practical Applications
  • Coaching and Mentoring with Steve Ritson, CNA’s Franchise Coach
    1. Refresher Courses
    2. Masterclasses (Bratislava 2017- Researching)
  • Adapt Database
  • Full IT support (from Pertemps)
  • Factoring-get your fees paid on the 15th of each month
    • We invoice your client on 30th Sept- you get paid 15th Oct!
  • All IT software, through Office 365
    1. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Skype for Business, Yammer
  • Minimum two conferences each year with Awards & Masterclasses
    1. 2017 – Meriden (UK) and 3 days in Bratislava
  • Work with the support of a £1bn privately owned business to back you
  • Over 20 National Accounts to work on

Why stay with Hays? Why stay with Reed, Michael Page, or any other specialist consultancy or network for that matter. With us, your career is safe, supported and you’ll keep more of your fees than any other UK FS Recruitment business.

So, what do you do now?

Call or message Steve Ritson for FS and Banking Franchises on 07914 384830

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